Your Cargo is our Cargo.

LMJ International Logistics isn't just about shipping, it's about relationships, personalized service and conducting business with integrity. We're familiar with the obstacles and advantages involved in moving your valuable cargo safely and efficiently to its destination. LMJ is  dedicated to serving you with premier, worry-free, door-to-door logistics and supply chain management. We do our best to meet all of your needs so that you can relax, knowing your shipment is safe in our hands.

We consistently deliver a moving experience with full accountability through superior monitoring and prompt, safe, real-time shipment tracking.

We help you make informed decisions by providing customized logistics solutions. Navigating international and domestic shipping rules and regulations can be difficult, but our specialists at LMJ are fluent in both domestic and foreign customs and culture requirements and will do all the required paper work for you!

As licensed freight-forward destination agents,  we understand that it's important not only for your cargo to reach its destination safely, but also on time. At LMJ International, our pro-active logistics management allows us to develop relationships with both our clients and customs agents through timely pre-alert notifications and seamless multi-vendor coordination.

We have abundant resources and connections and our reputation of responsibility, efficiency and excellence has allowed us to  build relationships with our partners and carriers based on trust. Through our field experience and relationships with carriers, we're able to negotiate the best possible price for your logistics needs and get the job done right. This means we're able to save you time and money with our services.

LMJ International Logistics aims to help clients so that we can grow together and expand our global reach. We invite you to join us!

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At LMJ International Logistics, our mission is to provide full-service, seamless solutions to the complexities of supply chain management while helping clients reduce their logistics costs. Our integrated trucking company, shipping services, air cargo, warehousing service, contract packaging and consulting services are designed to get your cargo to its destination as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible.

Choosing a Transport Logistics Partner

Deciding who you will trust to move your valuables can be a stressful decision if you don’t know where to start. At LMJ International, our top priority is getting to know you and your needs. We'll work with you to develop customized solutions to get your shipments to their destination while cutting supply chain management costs. Next in line is getting your valuables door-to-door on time, no matter what.

LMJ's team of destination agents are expert relocation specialists. Whether you're moving one box or chartering an entire steamship, you can trust that we'll handle your cargo with care. Even the U.S. Army trusts us to deliver their valuable cargo!

Our extensive network of domestic and international providers, professional partners and carriers are dedicated to treating your valuables as carefully as they would their own. We offer damage-free, worry-free, smooth delivery on time. We'll work to find the best price and service combination for you and even provide on-site debris removal.

The relationships we foster interlock to anticipate the effects of decisions we make to shape the future. We proudly pioneer logistic standards that aim to reduce our carbon footprint and provide services that are eco-friendly.

Our goal is to earn your trust and deliver superior service though personalized, responsive engagement. We treat our clients as family and their cargo with as much care as our own.

We look forward to working with you and we welcome you to join our family.


As a proud member of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) CTPAT program since 2018, supply chain security continues to be an integral part of LMJ International Logistics' culture and business processes.

From its inception in 2001, CTPAT remains a voluntary public-private partnership program where members work with CBP to strengthen their international supply chains and ultimately improve border security, protecting the supply chain from criminal activities such as drug trafficking, terrorism, human smuggling, and illegal contraband.

LMJ International Logistics has developed, and maintains, a multi-layered security program that is consistent with the CTPAT minimum-security criteria (MSC), and remains committed to protecting our organization and supply chain from any illegal or illicit activities.

As participants in the C-TPAT program, it is the policy of LMJ International Logistics to:

  • Implement, follow, and maintain procedures and practices that are consistent with the CTPAT Consolidator Security Criteria.
  • Cooperate with Customs in its efforts to ensure the security of the supply chain.
  • Meet the recommended business and security practices.
  • Assist in the worldwide campaign to stop terrorism.
  • Provide security guidelines and training for LMJ International Logistics employees, contractors, service providers, and others associated with the company.
  • Provide a safe environment for our employees, customers, vendors, and other visitors.
  • Investigate any situation or significant event which may be related to a breach in cargo security or any CTPAT criteria and notify the proper authorities.
  • Review, revise, and update security practices and procedures on a regular basis, or as needed.

CTPAT impacts nearly every department within our organization as well as outside entities such as carriers and foreign suppliers. Security is everyone's responsibility. All employees and business partners, including contractors, service providers, and visitors are educated and must comply with the company's CTPAT policies and procedures that are in place at each facility.

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