Charter Service

The best charter provider makes flying as simple as possible. You characterize your own inflight experience with LMJ International Logistics' Charter Services.

From our capability and experience to adaptable, short-notice response times, we provide excellent crews and service for your private passenger or cargo charter needs. With LMJ International Logistics, you get the certainty of knowing we are here to fulfill your needs.

Make your next flight your best yet with a safe, reliable chartered experience that you will not forget! Flying with our carriers means flying with the best.

Passenger Charter

Regardless of whether you're going for relaxation or business, we guarantee your protection and privacy as you fly to your ideal destination. Our passenger charter aircraft guarantee the most secure and comfortable flights.

- Security Escorts Available

Cargo Charter

Transporting cargo can be a stressful and challenging experience. That's where we come in! With LMJ International Logistics, you can be sure your needs are being met with quality service, so you can rest easy. We spot planes wherever they are needed.

- Constant Security Surveillance Available
- Escorts/Courier Services Available

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