We’re World Wide Open!

Your Cargo is our Cargo.

Everything we do starts with integrity. When we say personalized service we mean it. We know what it’s like to navigate every point to your destination with a comprehensive allocation of strategic resources. We are dedicated to serving you with premier, worry-free, door-to-door logistic management. So you can relax!

We consistently deliver a moving experience with full accountability through superior monitoring and prompt, safe, real-time ship tracking.

Our customized solution strategies provide you with informed decisions. We are fluent in both domestic and foreign customs/culture requirements and we do all the paper work!

As licensed freight-forward destination agents we know what you need to get there ON TIME! Our pro-active logistics management is an invaluable asset to developing relationships with both you and custom agents through timely pre-alert notifications and seamless centralization of multiple vendor coordination.

We leverage our reputation to offer you the best price and service combination. We negotiate volume pricing whenever possible and our field experience, in many cases affords us the opportunity to deal directly with our carriers. They want our business because we deliver excellence with a responsive core of comprehensive intelligence they trust. We count on them, they count on us.

What this means to you is significant savings and optimized cycle time.

We have abundant resources and connections.
As you come to know and trust our integrated features and benefits you’ll naturally give us more of your business. We’ll grow together and expand our global reach together. What we do today may change tomorrow because we are always on top and that means moving ahead of the curve. Now is the time. We invite you to join us!

If you’re happy we’re happy! Our guarantee is rock-solid.

So that’s it.


We’re World Wide Open!


Your Cargo is our Cargo.


And we’re always ON-CALL to meet your needs
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LMJ International Logistics mission is to provide full-service, seamless solutions to the complexities of supply chain management and helping clients achieve a greater return on assets. Our integrated trucking company, shipping services, air cargo, warehousing service, contract packaging and consulting services are designed to help reduce our customers supply chain management costs.


Why us?


Whatever it takes—our first business is relationships

Deciding who you will trust to move your valuables can be a stressful decision if you don’t know where to start.

The good news is you’ve found us—and we’re going to make your life easier—starting right now!

Victory is at hand!

Choosing a Transport Logistics Partner


How to move right


Our team of destination agents are expert relocation specialists—whether you are moving one box or chartering an entire steamship. If the U.S. Army trusts us, you can too.

Our proven track record is 100% quality assurance. We guarantee a code of logistics second-to-none through our five-step quality control matrix.

Our top priority is getting to know you and your needs. Next in line is getting your valuables door-to-door ON TIME, no matter what. How do we do it?

We offer you a smooth move. Worry-free cargo logistics. Seamless integration. On-time origin to destination pick-up & delivery. Best price/service combination and on-site debris removal. Now that’s tidy!

Our extensive network of domestic & international providers—professional partners & carriers are dedicated to treating your valuables as carefully as they would their own. Damage-free delivery is the bottom line.

The relationships we foster interlock to anticipate the effects of decisions we make to shape the future. We proudly pioneer logistic standards that amplify tactical excellence— wise alignments to serve you with forward unification that lessens our carbon footprint.

Trust is defined as a willingness to rely on an exchange partner in whom one has confidence.

Our goal is to earn your trust and deliver superior service though personalized, responsive engagement.

We welcome you to our family with high regard.

Leila Jubran

Synchronized supply chain management is our hallmark.
Adaptive, forward-thinking efficiency that is second-to-none.