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Logistics News

Wednesday January 27, 2021 20:43

AirCargo 2021: Airfreight capacity constraints likely to persist until 2023

Airfreight capacity in bellies of passenger aircraft is unlikely to recover to 2019 levels until 2023, based on expectations from attendees of ...

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Wednesday January 27, 2021 17:34

Virgin Atlantic launches UK-Norway service for seafood shipments

Virgin Atlantic Cargo is the latest airline to begin operating in Norway for seafood transport, according to representatives from the ...

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Tuesday January 26, 2021 21:02

Alaska Airlines commits to continue passenger freighter ops in Q1

After experiencing a 15.8% year-over-year decline in cargo revenues in 2020, Alaska Airlines today announced plans to continue operating its passenger freighter ...

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Tuesday January 26, 2021 16:59

Pallet and ULD supply tighten on trans-Pacific lanes

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the types of aircraft utilized to transport trans-Pacific cargo flows across the Pacific, and ...

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Tuesday January 26, 2021 15:55

CFC: Will temperature requirements constrain the COVID vaccine rollout?

This article originally appeared in CFC Insights. Most common vaccines are distributed at temperatures between 2°C and 8°C (36F-46F). ...

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Monday January 25, 2021 19:40

Eurocontrol unveils priority code for COVID-19 vaccine flights

Eurocontrol, which manages airspace for 41 European member states, is working with airlines and international aviation authorities to streamline trans-Atlantic flights ...

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Monday January 25, 2021 19:06

Layoff tracker update: Europe faces more aviation layoffs to kick off 2021

Some U.S.-based carriers have staved off layoffs thanks to labor negotiations, unpaid leave for employees and additional support ...

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Monday January 25, 2021 14:05

UPS to sell trucking unit under CEO’s ‘better-not-bigger’ pledge

United Parcel Service Inc. agreed to sell its short-haul trucking business for $800 million, the first substantial move in the “better-not-bigger” ...

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Friday January 22, 2021 18:52

Consultant Insight: FedEx nears closure of 5-year TNT integration

Almost five years after FedEx acquired TNT, the integration is finally nearing an end. Plagued by issues like a cyberattack ...

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Friday January 22, 2021 18:51

Post-Brexit EU-UK airfreight increase unlikely to persist

The increased interest in airfreight for exports between the United Kingdom and EU — as a way to circumvent post-Brexit slowdowns ...

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